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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. When will they be delivered? 
    Answer: If you order before April 29th and select the "free on campus delivery", your package will be delivered to the student by May 2nd.  If you would like it there sooner, you can select a delivery date and then the shipping method. 
  2. What benefit is it ordering through the site versus any other?
    Answer: Campus Snackbox and Furman have a partnership and when you purchase your snack boxes through our site, you are also helping Furman University as a portion of the baskets are giving back to the school for the use in student activities. 
  3. Do you have any other baskets other than just this one?
    Answer: We have many different baskets that you can choose from but the Exam kit, designed together with Furman, will be one that best benefits the students during this season of time.  If you find that the "Exam Kit" does not fit your needs, you can find the baskets under the products tab at the top or use our custom option.
  4. What if my child is allergic to something in the basket?
    Answer: When you are checking out, there will be a comments section. If there is a snack that the recepient of the package is allergic to like peanuts, please let us know in the comments field and we will be glad to exchange it with a comparable item.
  5. Can we order more than one basket at a time?
    Answer: Yes. You can order a two basket subscription and choose which baskets will be sent to your student through the year.   By default, it will include the Spring Basket and Exam kit and will be delivered at the appropriate times based off the holiday and student's exam schedule.
  6. Photo Size
    : Photo Size is 8X10